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Photo of Chris Harris

Chris Harris


Phone: 403-328-1201

Photo of Candice Gulkiewich

Candice Gulkiewich

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 403-328-1201

Teaching Staff

Photo of Jenna Shilliday

Jenna Shilliday


Phone: 403-328.1201

Photo of Erin Basso

Erin Basso

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Wendy McDonald

Wendy McDonald

Grade 2

Phone: 403-328-1201

placeholder image for Jay Merkley

Jay Merkley

Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Mitch Ward

Mitch Ward

Grade 4

Photo of Julena Jenkins

Julena Jenkins

Music Teacher

placeholder image for Eric Garner

Eric Garner

Grade 5

Photo of Alex-Ann Mulner

Alex-Ann Mulner

Teacher Counsellor

Photo of Makaila Oddan (On Leave)

Makaila Oddan (On Leave)

Grade 1

Phone: 403-328-1201

Photo of Marissa Stringam (On Leave)

Marissa Stringam (On Leave)


Phone: 403-328-1201

Photo of Lisa Jensen (On Leave)

Lisa Jensen (On Leave)

Grade 5

Phone: 403-328-1201

Photo of Ashley Nordin (On Leave)

Ashley Nordin (On Leave)

Grade 3

Photo of Britni Mazur (On Leave)

Britni Mazur (On Leave)

Grade 5

Support Staff

Photo of Camille Saunderson

Camille Saunderson

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Carly Drysdale

Carly Drysdale


Photo of Sandra Hutchison (On Leave)

Sandra Hutchison (On Leave)

Educational Assistant

Photo of Christine Clayton

Christine Clayton

Educational Assistant

Photo of Candice Vandenberg

Candice Vandenberg

Educational Assistant

Photo of Whitney Parker

Whitney Parker

Educational Assistant

Photo of Karleen Burns

Karleen Burns

Student Support Worker

placeholder image for Abi Fontaine

Abi Fontaine

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Tracy Hoyt

Tracy Hoyt

Behaviour Support

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